General dentistry is an inclusive term that refers to a dental office that provides routine dental care. Our office prides itself on offering compassionate care within the scope of our abilities. Both Dr. Young and Dr. Marlin complete rigorous continuing education yearly to remain at the forefront of their profession and to offer the latest forms of dental care to their patients. Despite this however, there are situations where patients are best suited to be seen by a dental specialist to treat their specific condition. Our office will help facilitate any necessary referrals so you can be guaranteed that you will receive the highest standard of care achievable. As a general dentist, we view our role as critical to helping each individual receive terrific comprehensive care, even if this means referring a patient away from our office to a more qualified specialist.

Examples of common procedures performed in a general dentistry office include but are not limited to: exams, consults, dental cleanings, scaling and root planing, fillings, crowns and bridges, veneers, sealants, creation of dentures and restoration of dental implants.

Composite Fillings