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Our office provides patients with comprehensive patient-centered care. We tailor our dental care to each individual's unique situation. Unlike most dental offices, we have chosen to focus our care model around strong preventative care. In practice this means that each patient gets to spend more time with our providers and our providers have an opportunity to gain a better understanding of each individual's overall health and specific risk factors for dental disease. Our goal is to provide each patient with quality personal attention so that they can develop a thorough understanding of their own dental health.

Both Dr. Young and Dr. Marlin obtain extensive continuing education on a yearly basis in order to provide patients with the most current and effective treatment options. In most cases we are able to provide comprehensive care for our patients, however in certain situations we will coordinate care with other dental specialists.

In an effort to provide our patients with the utmost experience in their dental care we work closely with the top dental specialists in Anchorage. Utilizing an interdisciplinary approach to dentistry allows each patient to enjoy the unique talents of each member of the dental team and results in the ultimate level of patient care and satisfaction.

South Anchorage Dental Office
South Anchorage Dental Office
South Anchorage Dental Office

We believe in delivering patient driven, individualized, preventative care, in a comfortable and caring environment. We take great pride in our ability to generate a patient experience that is catered to your specific needs.

It is our belief that dentistry is an integral part of your overall health care and that our role is to provide you with the highest standard of care possible, while maintaining a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Have you wondered before how a dentist can understand your mouth by performing an “exam” in less than 5 minutes?

The answer is that they do not have a comprehensive picture of your oral health and rather are merely diagnosing obvious dental disease that is easy and lucrative to perform. At our office, you will always receive thorough appointments and consultations (our exams typically last 30-60 minutes) so we are able to understand your needs and provide thoughtful and comprehensive recommendations that can lead to lasting oral health.

Our goal is to educate and support patients so that dental disease can be prevented instead of performing reactionary dentistry which simply treats the disease after it has already begun.

In order for this form of dental care to be effective, it requires a much deeper understanding of an individual’s comprehensive health and lifestyle. We are not simply reacting to disease, we are trying to determine your individual risk factors for dental disease before the disease develops. Our goal is to always teach our patients how to be their own best dental advocate.

We love answering dental questions and firmly believe that educated patients are the best patients.

After all, we only get to see you 2-4 times on an average year, whereas you get to look in your mouth every day. If you’re ready to see the difference between reactionary care and true preventative care join our team.

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Patrick C.

Dr Young was friendly and efficient, and took the time to explain the care I needed. Amanda offered her usual excellent attention to detail and commitment to thoroughness. She gets the job done right, no matter how long it takes! In these days of drive-through health care, it's really wonderful to find friendly, knowledgeable professionals whom I can count on year after year. Thank you both!

Thanks for a great trip to the dentist! I followed Amanda to MSS, and am happy I did.

Heather B.

Dr. Young and his staff always exceed my expectations for service. I know what to expect for each visit, what services are being performed and what the cost will be. They clearly review treatment options and let me decide what I would like to do. I feel that Dr. Young takes a conservative approach and I have always been happy with the work anyone in his office performs.

Pamela D.

Dr. Young gives thorough explanations before, during and after a dental procedure. This is the first time that I have had this level of care. It is most appreciated.

Seeing the dentist is not high on my priority list even though I know it is a necessity for my health. I'm so pleased my child's orthodontist recommended Midnight Sun. It has been a painless, pleasant experience each time I have had to go in for care.
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