Cosmetic dentistry involves the improvement of a person's natural appearance. For a variety of reasons people can suffer from developmental abnormalities that can cause their teeth to be unsightly. Examples of common developmental abnormalities include tooth crowding or spacing, weakened enamel, jaw discrepancies (poorly aligned jaws) and darkened tooth shade.

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Cosmetic dentistry uses a variety of techniques and materials to improve a person's natural appearance. This often involves orthodontics (braces) and the use of either esthetic filling materials that are bonded directly to the teeth or indirect materials such as crowns or veneers that are cemented to teeth.

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Tooth bleaching is also a form of cosmetic dentistry that can be used to lighten the shade of a person's teeth, and it is commonly performed in our office. Our team can advice you on the most appropriate form of bleaching to achieve your desired result. Ultimately, a person's appearance is best judged by themselves, however our team is trained to help every patient achieve the smile that they have always wanted.

Tooth Bleaching

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